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Strategies & Techniques

My effective Speech-Language and Orofacial Myofunctional techniques help patients thrive
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  • PROMPT (Hayden, D. ) and Kaufman Praxis Kit (Kaufman, N.). Tactile kinesthetic approaches that uses touch cues on the patient's articulators (lipst, tongue, jaw, cheeks) to guide the patient through sound, words, sentences and phrases.

    • Motor Activities for Children in Articulation Therapy (MA/CAT) (Kuratomi, S.)
    • Oral Placement Therapy (OPT) (Rosenfeld, S.)
    • Beckman Oral-Motor Therapy (Beckman, D.)

    Tactile cueing to facilitate optimal facial motor movements to optimally produce sound production.

  • Lidcombe Stuttering Program-

    Response-contingency therapy. A parent conducted behavioral treatment.

  • Hanen Program (Sussman, F.)

    Hablando ….. nos entendemos los dos. It takes two to talk.

  • Fast Forward-(Scientific Learning Corporation)- A digital program that aids decoding various speech sounds and aids with executive functioning in planning, sequencing set shifting and working memory.

    The Listening Program (TLP) (Advanced Brain Training (ABT) is a therapy program that incorporates beautiful, calibrated music to improve brain function in the areas of executive function, communication, social/emotional functions, motor coordination and creativity.

  • Hanen-More Than Words-(Sussman, F.) A comprehensive program that helps parents promote communication and social skills.

    Developmental Approaches/Practices (DAP) (Copple & Bredekamp) A program designed to developmentally help four periods of life: infant/toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and primary grades.

  • Literacy Speaks-Norther Speech Services (NSS)

    Phonetic reading program that addresses articulation, phonemic awareness and speech intelligibility.

  • The Affect Based Language Curr. (ABLC)(Lewis & Greenspan)- Curriculum that uses affect and engagement for receptive/expressive communication.

    Hanen-More than Words/It Takes Two to Talk (Sussman, F.)

    Hanen Program- Talking on the Go-(Dougherty & Paul)-A practical guide for parents and children with language delays. Activities to enhance language development,

    Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)(Bondy & Frost). Picture exchange system to communicate for the pt. that is more challenged with both their receptive/expressive language skills.

  • Hanen-Program (Sussman, F.) A program that helps promote communication and social skills.

    Affect Based Lang. Curr. (ABLC)- (Lewis & Greenspan). Affect based language curriculum that encourages engagement and reciprocity.

    Developmental App (DAP)-(Copple & Bredekamp). A comprehensive developmental program for children from birth through their primary grades.

    Program for Infant/Toddler Care (PITC)(Caldwell & Lally). Strategies for the fields of developmental psychiatrists, child developmental specialists and pediatricians.

  • The Incredible Flexible You (Garcia, M.). A comprehensive social thinking curriculum that addresses social language in creative activities and social contexts from preschool through high school.

  • Make the Connection (Billings & Davidson)-Myofunctional strategies.

    Orofacial myofunctional strategies approved by the International Association of Oral Myology (IAOM) to address the following myofunctional conditions:

    • Improper Swallow
    • Lip Tie
    • Tongue Thrust
    • Tongue Tie
    • Temporo-mandibular dysfunction (TMD)
    • Oral Habits

  • Sequential Oral Sensory App. (SOS)-(Toomey, K.) -Sequential sensory approach to feeding issues.

    AEIOU Approach-(Aydn, N.)-Behavioral/engagement approach to feeding.

    Not Just About Swallow Approach-(Potock, M.)-Oral sensory approach to feeding.

  • Sensory Integration Materials: Sensory integration tools include brushing and body tools for calming and alerting, music and deep pressure weighted vest.

  • NDT Tools: Facilitation of normal postural alignment and movement patterns. Treatment includes looking at the whole person and specific functional needs, recovery vs. compensation.

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